Management Team

Our People

Pro Canada West was founded by John Adderley in 2011. The 350 members of the PCWE team work together to meet our client needs. Superintendents with long histories in the oilfield, natural gas and potash sectors lead each of our specialized divisions.

Recognizing that our employees are the face of our company - PCWE takes great care and pride when hiring new employees to join our growing team.

    Head Office

  • John Adderley

    John is the Founder, Owner and President of Pro Canada West. He has spent over 40 years in all facets of the construction industry. Growing up in the heart of the oil and gas industry near Midale, Saskatchewan, John began his pipeline career at the early age of 16.

    At various times he has been a laborer, roughneck, heavy equipment operator, construction supervisor, foreman and pipeline welder. While still in his 20s, John began running his own company. A reputation for hard work and exacting standards saw small jobs become big jobs, culminating in the incorporation of PCWE in 2011.
    John is proud of his growth from one-man company to the vibrant entity which exists today. He is actively involved in the day-to-day workings of the company, and looks forward to a bright future in the pipeline industry.

  • Kelsey Sollosy

    Kelsey is the Office Manager for Pro Canada West. She is based out of our head office in Midale, SK. Kelsey was PCWE's first employee, so she has been through the growth of the company to where it is today. With over 10 years of experience, she brings vast knowledge to our company. Her responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business including but not limited to; accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and human resources. Her incredible organization skills keeps our team running smoothly.

    Major Projects

  • Wayne McFadyen

    Wayne is our Regional Manager. He has been with PCWE since the very beginning. Wayne started his career 38 years ago, beginning as a labourer with various pipeline contractors in Western Canada. He worked his way up the ladder to become an equipment operator (dozer, sideboom, bending machine, excavator) and in 1988 he became a tie in foreman doing large diameter pipelines. From there, Wayne has been a Superintendent all across Canada in diameters from 2 to 48 inches. He has worked through mountains, urban environments, river crossings, and of course –all of the challenges with the Canadian climate brings. Wayne is well-versed in all aspects of pipeline construction and safety procedures.

    Wayne has worked for the majority of pipeline contractors in Western Canada; Pe/Ben Pipelines, Henuset, Kenting-united, Midwest Pipeline, Majestic Pipeline, Marine Pipeline, Waschuck, FederickNova, Western Utilities and Ledcor.

  • Darcy Singer

    Darcy Singer is our Major Projects Manager. Darcy started pipelining with Midwest in 1981 as a labourer. Moving up through sideboom and dozer operator, Darcy became a Foreman in 1991, Assistant Superintendent in 1995, and Superintendent in 1998. Through these years Darcy has worked all over Western Canada and into the United States.

    Darcy came to work for Pro Canada West Energy in 2013. His experience in all facets of pipeline, at all sizes, terrains and climates gives PCWE a depth of experience we are pleased to offer our clients. He has completed several major projects for us - safely, on time and on budget!

  • Kelly Finiak

    Kelly is one our Project Superintendents. He has been with Pro Canada West since conception in 2011. He has been working in the pipeline construction industry since 1998, accumulating 19 years of pipeline construction experience that given him the opportunity to gain a vast knowledge in all facets of the industry. He has experience working in all aspects of the pipeline industry from being a welder’s helper, labourer, equipment operator, B pressure welder to a superintendent as well as being involved in the bidding process, project execution and planning.

  • Doug Hovind

    Doug is a Project Manager for PCWE, with expertise in both pipeline and civil work. Doug began operating heavy equipment on pipeline construction projects in 1974. Over the span of his 42 year career he has held many different positions such as Operator, Foreman, Superintendent, Landman and Pipeline Inspector. His work has taken him all across Canada completing various pipeline projects and over 1600 integrity digs. His work philosophy has always been centered on safety and respect for people and the environment.


  • Darin Gutzke

    Darin is our Regional Manager.He started his career in the pipeline industry at the age of 19, working mostly in Alberta as a labourer and Equipment Operator on large diameter pipelines. In 1998 he took a job with Carson Energy Service as a Foreman. Darin was at Carson’s for 13 years being a Superintendent for about 5 years at various pipeline projects throughout SK, AB and MB. For the last 5 years at Carson’s, he worked as a Project Manager on the Cenovus Weyburn Site. In 2010, Darin accepted a position as Operations Manager for Site Energy Services. In 2013, Darin made the move to Pro Canada West seeking advancement and new opportunities that we were able to provide.

  • Rick Scott

    Rick is an Operation Manager here at PCWE. He brings both vast knowledge and expertise to our team. Rick started his career as a Heavy Duty Mechanic gaining his Journeyman's Certificate in 1999. He was a shop Foreman for Carson Energy from 2006 – 2010. Rick joined our team in 2013 and has been in the roll of managing day to day operations, project planning, managing all crews and men in the SE, dispatching of all the trucking for all equipment moves, dispatching mechanics and equipment maintenance and dealing with all the clients needs and concerns.

  • Orry Knoll

    Orry is our SE Oil and Gas Project Manager. Orry started in the oil patch in 2004 at the age of 18 right after graduation. Working mostly in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Orry’s dedication and strong work ethic help advance him into various foreman and Superintendent roles up to 2013. Orry was given opportunity to join Pro Canada West for opportunity as Project Manager. Orry’s vast knowledge of various pipelines especially composite piping is a valuable asset to PCW. His broad knowledge and dedication in the field to help mentor workers and supervisors to execute projects safely and efficiently.

  • Grant Stinson

    Grant is our Quality Control/Shop Supervisor responsible for all QC and welding in the Midale shop. Grant has been in the oilfield for 30 plus years in various positions. Service Rigs, production operator, crew truck foreman, pipeline and facility supervisor/consultant. In 2012 Grant started to pursue the QC path and took a job as a QC and welding supervisor. In 2013 Grant joined the PCW team and has since acquired CWB Welding Supervisor Certification and level 1 CWB Welding Inspector Certificate. Grant’s work ethic and years of dedication and experience in the oil patch is a welcomed asset to PCW and attributes to great support to employees and management.

  • Brian Seeman

    Brian began his career in 1981 for Carson Welding & Maintenance as a pipeline laborer in SE Sask. Through the years he has had roles as a pipeline and crew truck maintenance labourer, welders helper and small equipment operator. He moved up through the company to become foreman and supervisor in all these divisions.

    Over the last 20 years he has worked mainly in the facility construction, welding supervision, QC & project management areas. He has completed large and small projects for numerous clients across southern Sask. Which includes all of the fabrication and installation of the facility projects for the CO2 flood for Cenovus in the Weyburn field from 2005 to 2015.

    Starting in March 2018, he has brought a confident knowledge of Project Management and facility construction, along with Quality Control and pressure code requirements to PCWE.


  • Jesse McMullen

    Jesse got his start in the oil and gas industry at the age of 15 working for an oilfield supply store. He continued to work in the industry for over 7 years before attending college and getting a diploma in GIS & Environmental technology. His education, combined with his experience, led him to Environmental and Civil Inspection positions on pipeline construction and pipeline integrity projects throughout Western Canada for over 5 years. Jesse’s career then led him into management of a pipeline contractor where he held the positions of Construction manager, Regional Manager and onto Divisional Manager for an additional 5 years before making the move to Pro Canada West as our Regional Manager.

  • Kevin Sharpe

    Kevin is our Construction Manager, starting with Pro Canada West in 2016. Kevin brings with him over 27 years of pipeline and facility experience. He began his career as a pipeline labourer, moved on to equipment operating, pipefitting, foreman and superintendent. His career has taken him across all four western provinces on small and large bore pipelines as well as various facility, plant and SAGD construction sites. Kevin took on a management role in 2012 and has since successfully managed projects through Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.


  • Terry Halcro

    Terry is our HSE Manager. He has been a member of our team since 2013. He started his career as a heavy equipment operator with the Sask Ministry of Highways and Transportation. He continued with this for 28 years when he decided to pursue the field of safety. He was the OH&S Coordinator for Sask Ministry of Environment for 8 years. He then moved into the career of safety consulting getting his designation as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. In addition to this Terry holds a OH&S Practitioner Certificate. Also, he is a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering and Saskatchewan Safety Council. Terry is responsible for overseeing all safety aspects for all the Regions of our company. A few of his tasks include: writing and maintaining our safety manual and procedures, maintaining an A+ grade on ISNet World, Comply works and maintaining our SCA COR and Enform COR Audits.

  • Ethan Gardner

    Ethan is our Project Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator. He has a vast knowledge in his field, working previously as a Ministerial Assistant under the Minister of Environment.

    Ethan also holds an advanced diploma of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment from the University of New Brunswick. He is also a designated Construction Safety Officer through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. Ethan is also a certified Safe Start Trainer. He is continually going through extensive safety training to further his knowledge in his field. Under the guidance of Terry, Ethan manages all job specific safety aspects for our Major Projects Divison. Which include: training, orientation, inspections, incident reports, preparing and conducting safety meetings, research and development of Job Hazard Assesments and Reviewing Field Level Hazard assesments on our projects.

  • Greg Johnston

    Greg is one of our NCSO / Field Safety Advisors. He has a total of 18 years experience in the oil and gas industry and 9 of them years in the safety industry. He started working in the oilfield as a labourer for Carsons in 1999 and moved on to working service and drilling rigs for 9 years. He was then offered a job as a H2S supervisor working in SE Saskatchewan as well as Manitoba and Alberta which started his career in the safety industry, after spending a few years with that company, Greg took on the opportunity as a safety advisor in South Eastern Saskatchewan which progressed into becoming a NCSO with Pro Canada West. Greg has done extensive training to continue his career with us in the Safety Field. Under the guidance of Terry, he is responsible for managing all safety aspects in the South Saskatchewan Region.

  • Rick Gardner

    Rick has been apart of our safety team since 2014. He has had experience as Safety Manager / Coordinator on large scale industrial projects in the mining, energy and oil & gas industries for well over 20 years. Which include - Carbon Capture Project, Mainline Pipelne, Slip Forms (Mosaic K3), dames and manufacturing. Rick promotes our health, safety and environmental culture to all levels of employees with the policies and procedures of our Safety Program. He works closely with our Project Managers and Superintendents to ensure the project site is in compliance with our clients policies and procedures, as well as the OH&S act. Under our Safety Managers guidance he is one of our HSE Coordinators with our Major Projects Division.

    Quality Control

  • James Whitford

    James is our Quality Control Manager - responsible for all QA/QC manuals, processes and policies. James has nine years of experience in the QA/QC field, joining PCWE in 2011 when it was founded. A Journeyman Welder, and Level I CWB Welding Inspector, James ensures PCWE has the experience, resources and qualifications to comply with and exceed all required client, provincial and federal regulations and codes and to provide a detailed turnover document. James oversees all Pro Canada West regions for their Quality Control processes to make sure everything is up to our high standards.

  • Waylin Shediac

    Waylin joined our team in 2013 as a welder’s helper/labourer. She started as field Quality control in 2014 at K+S Potash Canada, and has completed numerous quality turnovers for both K+S Potash Canada & Mosaic Belle Plain since. Waylin has 5 years’ experience in both pipeline & civil work. She also has both Level 1 CWB Welding Inspecting & NACE Level 1 Coating Inspecting. Waylin plans to continue providing Quality support for PCW & pursue training in the Quality field.


  • Everett Buckmaster

    Everett is our Geomatics Manager for Pro Canada West, as well as a local Business Development Coordinator. Working out of our Bethune site, he has been in the Land Survey industry for 18 years. Starting as a junior draftsman, he has spent his years moving up as a senior CADD tech, project management and then into Business Development. His passion for the Geomatics realm stems from his 22 year career with the Canadian Armed Forces as a reconnaissance soldier, to which he still serves as today.

    The majority of his career has been within the oil and gas sector, providing solutions to clients all over Western Canada. Everett has spent a few years with the Department of National Defense as a Real Property Officer, advising on legal land use policy and procedures at both local and national levels.

    Everett has also added PCWE as a UAS survey (Drone) capable company, acquiring a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) allowing PCW to use this new and exciting technology to assist our clients in acquiring an immense amount of data that they require to succeed and exceed their projects potential.

    Not only is Everett the Geomatics Manager, but he also does the drafting of the design and As-Built work that goes on at our Bethune site, meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.